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The Benefits of Choosing a POS System Over a Cash Register for Your Restaurant/Bar

In a cash-based business, like a restaurant/bar, cash management is a key to your success or ultimate failure. We all like to believe that everyone is honest and scrupulous, however, we know that is not the case. If you are running your restaurant using just a cash register, you are not only inviting shrink by way of employee or customer theft, you are also not getting the complete picture of how your business runs.


Successful businesses run on good metrics; not understanding what you are selling, along with the monetary impact of those sales, is like trying to fly a plane in a storm without instrumentation - definitely not a recipe for success. While the initial outlay for a POS system is higher than a cash register-based system, the return on your investment will significantly outweigh the cost. POS systems give you the data needed to make intelligent decisions for your business and it's success.

When you decide to upgrade to a POS system, don't base your decision on cost alone. You shouldn't choose the least expensive option or even the most expensive option. Your choice should factor in the inevitable service needs and future software upgrades. This is why a local, Hawaii-based company is your best choice when it comes to upgrading your cash management system. ProTouch Systems only works with Hawaii businesses and provides reliable 24/7 local customer service support. 

Comparison of Cash Register and POS Systems

Information Backup

This is an important topic, one that typical cash registers don't offer. Data is very important, not only for your success but also for compliance with tax, local, and federal reporting and regulations. Data loss is a business altering event, but with a POS system, you have options on backup. They include having it done on site, with your own PC-based server, or in the cloud.

Cloud backup provides the ultimate in peace of mind, knowing that your data is not in danger and is accessible from anywhere. There is an ongoing cost with cloud-based systems, and that cost needs to be calculated with the needs of your business in mind. There is always an option to switch to a cloud-based system later.



POS software is customized for your particular business needs. Touch screens are populated with all of the menu items, allowing servers to simply push the button to record items ordered. As menu items get added or deleted, the screens are easily updated. Cash registers provide a “one size fits all” approach with limited customization.


Inventory Control

POS software will track what is sold, the price and when it was sold, allowing you to accurately order inventory. Cash registers simply track cash received and paid out. You would need to do a physical inventory or manually generate a list of items sold based on the tickets generated.


Employee Productivity and Labor Costs

In a POS system, reports are available to show each employee’s productivity for any given shift period. This also allows you to see what your busiest times are, providing you information to efficiently adjust staffing levels. With a cash register system, you have to manually match tickets with receipts to get an idea of an employee’s productivity and when staffing needs are highest.


Cash Flow Control -

The POS system helps prevent employees from skimming money from the cash drawer by recording a user login every time the drawer is opened. Each transaction is assigned to an employee and is traceable should there be a shortage. Cash registers don't provide the same detail on transactions, so with a shortage, there isn't an accurate way to know who had their hand in the cash drawer.



The POS system communicates accurately between the serving staff and the kitchen/bar staff. There will be no confusion or mistakes over handwritten tickets, which will ultimately add to the bottom line and customer satisfaction. With cash registers, hand written tickets are passed to the prep staff and sometimes they leave room for interpretation or mistakes. Delays in getting ordered items to your customers because of confusion will result in unhappy customers who may not come back - or worse - not recommend your business.


Increase Sales With Point-of-Pay

A POS system with point-of-pay devices that allow customers to pay at their tables is an excellent option. With all the concern over ID theft and credit card fraud, some customers are reluctant to let their card from their sight. By enabling customers to pay for services at their table, they never have to give their card to another person. This not only makes them feel more secure, but it also eliminates the chances of anyone getting their card information and using it illegally. Customers that are comfortable at your business are repeat customers and become referrers when their friends and family need a recommendation.

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