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Hawaii Security Cameras

Digital Video Surveillance Equipment

Remote Video Monitoring of your Hawaii Business

Hawaii security cameras

ProTouch installs comprehensive digital video security at your Hawaii business that can be integrated with your point of sale software and offers remote video surveillance monitoring via your smart phone, or any internet accessible device. We specialize in offering cost effective digital security video systems that assists in reducing theft, boosting sales, and promoting efficiency.

Before installing security cameras in your Hawaii business location, we will provide a free assessment of several key security factors that need to be taken into consideration. We'll determine the best security camera installation locations based on employee /customer usage patterns, the lighting level of each security camera location, and any other area of concern you may have.


•Helps to reduce shrinkage associated with employee and customer theft combined with our pos systems

•Provides a visual "audit trail" for "sweet-hearting" and other employee activities

•Effective against accident fraud by assisting in capturing evidence of fraudulent injury

•Capture evidence of credit card and check fraud, and returns fraud preventing repeat offenders

•Remote Monitoring allows viewing from any intemet ready device

•Cameras in the Kitchen can help monitor work place safety, keeping facilities up to required health codes


Entrance/Exit doors so that all staff, customers, delivery people, etc will be easily identifiable. This includes cameras positioned on the exterior of your location as well, such as parking lots and walkways.

Kitchen cameras allow you to monitor all kitchen operations including order processing, food prep, dish washing, food storage allows you to manage kitchen operations efficiently ensuring quality control.

Dining Room/Bar camera placement allows you to supervise staff and ensure duties are being properly performed. Monitor customer seating areas to relocate staff assignments based on "busy times", and ensure customer satisfaction by immediately responding to any issues

"Cashier" Station surveillance will allow you to keep track of all cash and credit card transactions, alerting you to any employee who might be "skimming" or other forms of theft on our retail and restaurant point of sate systems

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