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Restaurant POS Systems in Hawaii

Automate For Better Business

Restaurant Manager POS System in Hawaii

If you’re still using a cash register, you’re most likely doing yourself and your Hawaii restaurant a disservice, as you’re not truly capturing a full picture of your restaurant operations. With a point of sale (POS) system, every sale of each item is captured and recorded, along with keeping track of employee’s hours and their actions on the Restaurant POS system, providing you, the owner, with full visibility and accountability, even when you’re not on location, you’re still able to keep an eye on the store with our helpful restaurant management tools and apps. Automatic email delivery of sales, financials, employee activity and labor for payroll reporting, comparative reports, and item sales are just a few types of reports that our restaurant POS software provides. This eliminates the timely administrative duties that managers and owners must partake in each day, allowing you to focus and fine tune other aspects of the business.

Nowadays many Hawaii restaurants are interested in table side ordering and mobile payments via an iPad. Table side ordering is proven to increase table turns and the average check, decrease the time it takes for food to be delivered to the guest, and improve the overall customer experience, as the server is more present and visible on the dining room floor. Increased revenue and happier customers, who wouldn’t want that? With the roll out of EMV, many restaurants now are having guests present credit cards that have the chip in them. Since Hawaii is a popular vacation destination, many restaurants have guests from Europe, Australia, and Canada. All of these countries issue credit cards with “chip and pin” technology that require the card holder to enter their secure pin number into an EMV capable credit card terminal, which usually can only be done table side. If a restaurant, especially fine dining, has to inform a guest at the end of their meal that their POS System doesn’t accept their chip and pin card, that can turn into a rather embarrassing and frustrating situation. Our POS software has built in EMV solutions, along with table side ordering, and table side mobile payment options.

Our Hawaii restaurant POS system solutions are customized to each individual location, as we believe that not all POS systems are “one size fits all.” As we discuss your business, we’ll assess which software options will best fit your needs. If you’re looking for a “one stop shop” that offers expert POS sales and technical support, credit card processing and payroll services, then please give us a call in our Hawaii office for a free consultation and appointment to see how we can assist you in growing your business.

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